The educational approach is that of a vocational training college, where both academic studies and the practical application of the theory are equally important. The ATCK is situated on a small farm, and so provides the training ground for small scale farmers, while the two associated commercial farms, Farm Krumhuk and Farm Eichenbach, provide the commercially orientated training facilities. Organic Agriculture and Bio-Dynamic Agriculture form the foundation of the Agricultural course.

The Household Management course is aimed in part at showing how students can undertake value added processing of farm produce, an essential step in achieving food security through self sufficiency and overall sustainability.

The ATCK supplies surplus produce to restaurants in Windhoek as well farmers markets. All students are given the opportunity to engage in these marketing activities.

Other recreational activities include non-competitive sports which help in developing individuals of any age as well as team building.

All in all, the ATCK training is orientated towards helping students in their personal development and growth, encouraging them to become mature, independent and accountable leaders in society.