Who is behind it?

The original idea of ATCK comes from the two farmer families on Krumhuk, Ralph Ahlenstorf with his wife Christiane Ree-Ahlenstorf and Ulf-Dieter Voigts with his wife Christine. The founding members are Ralph Ahlenstorf, Andreas Fellner, Judith Isele, Anke Halenke, the late Ekkehard Kuelbs, Christa Scholz, Ulf-Dieter Voigts, Wiebke Volkmann, Victor von Alten and the Farmers Association Windhoek as juristic person.

The current Board members are Ulf-Dieter Voigts (Chairperson), Ralph Ahlenstorf, Christiane Ree-Ahlenstorf, Anke Halenke, Dirk Wlbling, Edgert Hoff and Kavee Rijatua. Stephen Barrow is the Manager of the ATCK.

The current lecturing staff consists of three permanent staff members, Stephen Barrow, Jacqui Prins and Ndamona Kahana. Three farmers, Ulf-Dieter Voigts, Ralph Ahlenstorf and Dirk Wlbling, facilitate the practical extensive agriculture training on farms in the Windhoek, Grootfontein and Okahandja districts. Guest lecturers support the permanent staff for both the Agricultural and Household Management courses, providing valuable theoretical and practical insight based on their current experience. Mrs Marion Prinsloo is the Administrative Assistant.