Get involved

The ATCK is a non profit trust founded in 2008 by the Krumhuk Community, the Windhoek Farmers Association and other supportive and interested individuals. The establishment of the ATCK was made possible with funding from the Federal Republic of Germany and from international and Namibian donors.

The cost to students enrolled at ATCK is N$ 1500.00 for the Introductory Course,  and N$6000 for the full two year course. Payments can be made in advance or via monthly instalments. Student fees contribute toward tuition, meals and accommodation.

Despite the existing financial contributions and student fees, we continue to rely heavily on donations and sponsorships to continue with this project, initiate new ones and grow the Krumhuk idea.

To make a contribution, whether financial or in kind, please contact the ATCK.



Our students need to gain experience in their craft outside of the Krumhuk environment to ensure that they are competent and confident in their chosen field. To volunteer your farm for practical work experience for one or more of our students, please contact the ATCK.


Guest Lecturers

We require the expertise of passionate farmers who volunteer to share their knowledge and passion for working the land to lecture on various aspects of farming. To volunteer and share your knowledge with our students, please contact the ATCK.


Donations/ Corporate Social Investment/ Sponsorships

For organisations who wish to get involved in the Krumhuk Project through charitable donations or through a corporate social investment programme, please contact the ATCK. We will give you a comprehensive tour of Krumhuk and guide where you can assist us to ensure mutually beneficial and sustainable corporate involvement. Such corporate social participation also holds tax benefits for organisations who contribute to improving society in the Republic of Namibia.