Current projects

The ATCK pursues different projects which demonstrate the application of theoretical principles taught in the class room. The aim behind this is to equip students with a toolbox of a range of strategies, which understanding the principles upon which they are based, may be applied to almost any situation that a student may later find themselves in from urban domestic gardening and small scale subsistence farmers, aiming for food self sufficiency and thus food security, to large scale commercial production. Value added processing is an integral aspect of any production method, whether preserving for the family to consume at a later stage (for example, preserving abundant summer harvests for consumption in winter) or for marketing purposes. Appropriate technologies also form an important part of life at the ATCK. Hot water for bathing and kitchen use is heated in solar geysers and most meals are cooked and confectionaries baked in solar cookers.

Mushroom Cultivation

A cellar at the ATCK has recently been renovated, a traditional hut is in the process of being constructed and part of the new tunnel will be used for the production of oyster mushrooms. Staff attended the recent International Mushroom Conference held at the University of Namibia and came back very excited at the potential which exists in Namibia for mushroom production. The first week of a two week course was recently presented by one of Namibias experts with a follow-up course planned in the near future. The principles learnt during the course work will be implemented in the cellar, the new tunnel and the traditional hut, thereby demonstrating the cultivation in commercial, small scale, and rural areas.