Can I volunteer at ATCK?
Yes, our aim is to have one volunteer working at ATCK at all times. A minimum stay of 3 months is desirable
I am from Germany. Can I do my voluntary service (Zivildienst) at ATCK?
Yes, the Farm Community Krumhuk offers three positions for volunteers through Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e.V. and Weltwrts every year. One of the volunteers is assigned to ATCK.
How does the application process for the voluntary service (Zivildienst) at ATCK work?
  1. Apply as a volunteer with Freunde der Erziehungskunst (FdE)
  2. Orientation course with FdE
  3. Apply to Farm Community Krumhuk (contact details can be acquired through FdE)
  4. If accepted by Krumhuk, FdE will guide you through the necessary steps with Weltwrts

The application process with FdE should be initiated in March for the voluntary service starting in August/September of the same year.

All information can be found at Freunde der Erziehungskunst.