Where the studies take place

Established in 2008 as a non-profit trust, the ATCK campus is situated on farm Krumhuk 25km south of Windhoek and comprises 8540 ha. The Training Centre is a fully functional farm including the homestead, complete with livestock, croplands and vegetable production areas, giving students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in agricultural and housekeeping operations.

Agriculture in Namibia

In line with Vision 2030, the curriculum and activities at the ATCK supports Namibia’s long term goals of developing effective and sustainable use of land and its natural resources, increasing the productivity and diversity in the agricultural sector, as well as developing the human resource capital of her citizens.

Given the challenges faced in Namibia, the agricultural industry thrives on producing the highest standards in livestock and game farming, resulting in quality veld grazed meat finding markets in South Africa and the European Union.

Qualifications Offered

Two courses are currently offered at the ATCK; Sustainable Agriculture and Farm Household Management. Each course is offered at an introductory level which lasts for three months and only after completion of the Introductory Course, are students selected to continue with the full two year course. Students are selected based on aptitude and past performance.

Living and working at Krumhuk is compulsory while completing these courses. The hostel functions as the practical arm of the household management course, with students applying the theory they learn on a daily basis including daily cooking, baking and cleaning, stock control, food preservation, vegetable gardening, poultry farming, needlework, communication and general farm organisation.