The aims of the Course in Farm Household Management are:

  • To equip household managers to run and coordinate a farm household efficiently, taking into consideration the environment, natural and financial resources at their disposal and health of the family in their care.
  • To empower household managers to take over responsibility for the social aspects of a farm such as kindergarten and childcare and care for the aged.
  • To teach household managers to produce, preserve and market farm products to generate an income.
  • To gain and improve needlework skills, producing their own clothes and decorating the home.
  • To understand the importance of tourism in Namibia and providing customer care for guests
  • To equip household managers with basic hospitality skills such as table setting, serving and communication.
  • To teach household managers to plan menus, compile shopping lists, draw up cleaning schedules, stock control, bookkeeping and household budgeting.

The ATCK is currently in the process of having these courses recognised by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA), ensuring that graduates from the courses have an officially recognised qualification.

The Course in Detail