Practical information


The duration of the training is 2 years. There is a three month introductory course for the first year students, after which theoretical and practical exams are written. Students must pass these exams in order to be eligible for the rest of the training. Thereafter there is a system of continuous assessment of both theoretical and practical work. Students are required to pass the end of year exams in order to proceed onto the second year or to be awarded the certificate at the end of the second year.


The hostel fees for the 3-month introductory course are N$ 5100,00 payable in advance. For those students who successfully complete the introductory course and continue with the full course, the monthly hostel fee of N$ 1700,00 is payable in advance by the 1st of each month.

The ATCK is in the process of negotiating bi-weekly primary health care services with the Pharm Access Foundations Mister Sister mobile clinic see and The Mister Sister Clinic will provide health care and subsidized medication for all staff and students. Registration will be compulsory and will cost N$50 per month per student. The fee of N$ 150 for the introductory course is payable in advance.

Plans are in place to establish a computerised secondary schooling programme whereby all students who successfully complete the introductory course will be able to study for and obtain their Namibian Grade 12 education and certificate see This programme will also result in students obtaining the internationally accredited ICDL qualification, thus enhancing the overall education and qualification that students will receive while studying at the ATCK. Registration will be compulsory for all students and carries a monthly fee of N$ 30 per month. The fee of N$ 90 for the introductory course is payable in advance. For those students who successfully complete the introductory course, the secondary schooling exam fees are N$ 30 per exam.

Students also require monthly pocket money to purchase toiletries and other personal items. We suggest that this should at least be N$200.00 300.00 per month.

Therefore the total monthly fees will be N$1700 plus the pocket money.


Two to four students live together in a same sex bedroom with 4 toilets and 8 shower facilities.


Three meals and one tea break is served seven days a week. Own organic produce from the farm is used wherever possible. ATCK tries to provide a healthy and balanced diet for the students.

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