Frequently asked questions

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How long does the training last?
The duration of the training is 2 years. After the first three months exams are held which the students are required to pass in order to continue the training.

Which language is the training in?
All courses are held in English. A sufficient level of comprehension in English is required from the students.

What is the cost for the training?
The cost for the 3-month introductory course is N$ 3,000 (payable in advance). From the 4th month onwards the monthly cost is N$ 1000 (payable on the 1st of each month in advance).

Where do the students live?
Two to four students live together in a single sex bedroom with their own bathroom attached.

What about food?
Three meals are served seven days a week. Our own organic produce from the farm is used wherever possible. ATCK tries to provide a healthy and balanced diet for the students.

How does the application process work?
Your written application is our first impression of you. If it is convincing, we will invite you for an interview at ATCK in the 1st or 2nd week of December. After that we will decide who will be admitted to the course.

What is the deadline for the application?
The deadline for the 2013 course is October 31st 2012.

When does the training start?
The training starts towards the end of January.

Are either of the courses open for one specific sex only Agriculture for guys and Household Management for the girls?
No, not at all. Both courses may be taken be either sex.